MVN Fees


Masters Swimming Fees:

Members will be billed based on a 10-month billing cycle (Sept.-June)


General Member:  $72/month (Good for all workouts, anytime, plus weekends practices)
2nd swimmer in family: $54.00/month


MVN Parent: - $54/month (Good for all workouts, anytime, plus weekends practices)
2nd MVN parent swimmer: $36.00/month


Student/Senior Member:    $36/month 
Student: 18-24, Senior: 65 and over.


Dues will be charged on the 1st  of the each month.
Dues will be prorated (1/2 month dues) for new swimmers joining after the 15th of the month. 

You must also join US Masters Swimming (US Masters Swimming) for $61 for the current year. We require this so that MVN Masters has liability insurance.  

Initiation Fee: $25
This one time fee is charged upon joining the team. 

Annual Team Registration Fee: $50


Satellite Membership
Yearly Fee: $75   For people located too far outside the area to attend practice but would like to receive the email newsletters, updates including meets, clinics, and special team events. Satellite members within 60 miles of the pool will be billed $5.00 a practice (not to exceed $70.00 or 14 days per month).



Week Visitor: $20 (Good at all practices for visitors from other Masters programs)



1. THE MISSION VIEJO NADADORES FOUNDATION is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation.  Swim Dues provide the high quality coaching and programs necessary to support a premier, highly competitive, year-round swim program.


2. SWIM DUES, based on the fee schedule above, are billed to your credit card on the 1st of
the month.
 A late fee of $10.00 will be charged on all accounts with a balance due on the 21st of the month.  These fees will continue monthly until the account is current.


3. INITIATION FEE, this one time fee is charged upon joining the team.


4. NEW SWIMMERS may have two FREE practices to evaluate the program. The first month’s dues are based on the date of the first scheduled regular practice:

First Scheduled regular practice prior to the 15th: - Full Monthly dues
First Scheduled regular practice on or after the 15th: - Half Monthly dues


5. ORIENTATION and ONLINE REGISTRATION must be complete prior to beginning regular practices. Before proceeding with registration, please make sure that you have had an orientation  meeting with a Nadadores Masters Coach. Your registration will not be approved until you have completed the appropriate steps. To schedule a meeting please click HERE to contact us to set up an  time. 




All requests for extended absences or separation from the team must be written and received in the Swim Office by the 21st of the month prior to the effective date”.


7. LEAVE OF ABSENCE (LOA): If a swimmer decides to take a leave of absence for a period of less than 4 months, they will be responsible for paying    half dues for the months missed when they return.  If a swimmer returns after a four month absence, they will be considered a new swimmer.


8. MEDICAL LOA: Dues will be waived for any illness or injury if the swimmer is absent for one or more full calendar month. (Physician written verification required.)  Waived fees will be used as a credit for the next billing period (when swimmer returns)


9. IMPORTANT NOTE: Monthly dues are required of ALL swimmers attending one or more practices in a calendar month.

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